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BBTD (Brain Based Training & Development) Services Inc is responsible for delivering outstanding training workshops and seminars for customers in government, education, business and non-profit communities.

Our expertise is delivering training workshops using the Whole Brain Model® and technology founded by Ned Herrmann and Herrmann International.  Based on brain physiology and the organizing principles of the brain, Whole Brain Thinking® methodology has roots in work that began at General Electric and has been validated by more than 25 years of research.

Individual, group awareness and cohesion

Giving individual’s awareness of their thinking preferences increases personal and on-the-job effectiveness. Understanding how others think can have a big impact on productivity and team effectiveness.

Career Development

Increase job fit. Decrease turnover and job dissatisfaction. Scan for high-potential leaders and factor thinking preferences into their career paths.

Communication/Conflict Resolution

Analyze your messages and their match to the thinking styles of your internal/external target audiences. Diversify and balance your communications to reach all audience segments. Reduce conflicts stemming from contrasting communication styles. Ensure effective communication with anyone, about anything, at any time.

Culture Change/Organizational Learning

Assess thinking styles across learning populations. Tailor learning to match learner preferences. Factor thinking styles into your strategies for managing culture change, and changes in your business environment.

Strategy Development

Map thinking styles of executives who shape strategy. Tailor your strategy development process to turn differences from a liability into an advantage. Enhance clarity, confidence and consensus.

Creativity and Innovation

Compose R&D groups, task forces and other groups to blend out-of-the-box thinkers and risk-takers with those demonstrating preferences toward analysis, planning and implementation.

Teaching and Learning

Deliver training programs that optimize learning transfer. Different individuals have different learning styles in terms of how their brain processes and organizes data. Learning designs can and should accommodate individual difference to leverage effectiveness.

BBTD Services Inc changing the world, one brain at a time

George Land, scientist and author of Breakpoint and Beyond, Mastering the Future -Today states in the best of times and the worst of times the challenge is to grow. "Grow," he says, "Or die." How you define growth may change with the circumstances, but growing expertise, process management skills, team capacity, strategic thinking and planning in tough times is critical. Leveraging opportunities that increase your human capital is the fundamental ingredient for growing your organization.


Herrmann International is the creator and originator of the HBDI® - Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®, and of Whole Brain® Technology.

BBTD Services Inc is a results oriented training company.

All training workshops are GUARANTEED to meet your stated goals & objectives.

We offer a money back guarantee.

BBTD Services Inc is a woman-owed small business entity.