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The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®) – The World’s Leading Assessment Tool at the foundation of Whole Brain Thinking®, the HBDI is a 120-question assessment that identifies your preferred approach to thinking. Are you more emotional, analytical, structural or strategic? 

After payment, you will be given an unique key allowing you to access the HBDI® assessment from any networked computer. Following completion of the on-line assessment, a mutually agreed upon time for your phone debrief will be established, a PDF version of your profile will be emailed and the full package sent to you in the mail.

HBDI   PROFILE PACKAGE  individual $89 


• Profile package as displayed

• PDF version of profile, data & personal profile explanation

• 1 hour phone debrief of your personal profile

HBDI   PROFILE PACKAGE for training class  $75 per person;

For friends & family of class participants call for special pricing

HBDI    Team Profile Report for training class  $150

The HBDI   Team Profile includes:

  1. Visual and informational displays of how a team thinks, processes 

  information, and prefers to work. 

  1. In-depth explanations of thinking styles of team members and ways

  for improving communication and performance.

• Views of team members’ similarities.

• Ways to remove team member barriers.


If you are interested in taking the HBDI   on-line contact BBTD Services Inc at

phone: 484-683-1316   email:

Herrmann International is the creator and originator of the HBDI® - Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®, and of Whole Brain® Technology.